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Providing strategic advice and sustainable management solutions for coastal and marine development projects.

About Us

The world is looking for alternatives.

  • Society is expecting clean technologies to power our planet.  

  • Many of these technologies are metal-intensive.  

  • With land-based resources becoming stretched, companies and governments have started to look to the oceans to meet the world's resource demands.  

  • For those working in the coastal or ocean space, Blue Globe Solutions can help you with your social license, permitting and environmental needs. 

Expectations are changing.

  • Stakeholders want to have a say and their opinions matter. 

  • Demonstrating genuine care for the environment is more important than ever. 

  • Transparency is important, as is inclusive and effective stakeholder engagement.  

  • We have a track record of working with all stakeholders to find mutually acceptable sustainable development outcomes. 

We help find solutions.

  • We provide assistance to the private sector, governments and regulators to help them develop innovative and sustainable solutions for responsible ocean use and management.

  • We offer services in the following areas:
    • stakeholder engagement strategy
    • environmental impact assessments
    • permitting / regulatory strategy
    • obtaining and maintaining a social license to operate
    • social performance
    • communications and messaging
    • ocean policy development
    • developing collaborative internationally-renowned scientific teams to design and carry out environmental studies and programs to meet the needs of specific projects

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For more information, please drop us a line:

We look forward to helping you meet your environmental and social performance goals. 

Blue Globe Solutions


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